Why Sugar and Spunk?

Because “sugar and spice and everything nice--that’s what little girls are made of.” But girls are also made up of so much more! We can be all things: sweet, spunky, opinionated, shy, extroverted, funny, graceful, strong, humble. Being a feminist isn’t about hating guys or being anti-girly. We are free to be strong, powerful and embrace our feminine sides. Girl power is being true to yourself and helping empower other girls so that we may all find our true potential. No judgment, no bringing others down--we’re in it together! <3

About Me:
I’m a mom to an amazing daughter and want to give her the best future I can. I realize we live in a world that doesn’t always seem to value “feminine” traits--emotions, friendships, motherhood, kindness, etc. But these traits should be celebrated and honored! 

I want all girls to know that they are valued. Our worth is based on more than just looks. We all deserve respect, and it’s important to stand strong for our rights and to fight with our words, spirit and heart for what we believe in. 

We are currently located in SW Florida, if you're nearby, we'd love to meet! Should us a message as we always love to make new like-minded friends.

About the Products:
All necklaces are handmade with children to adults in mind. And many of the pieces are named after powerful, wonderful women I know who have personally inspired me.

Please note, beaded jewelry is a choking hazard. Our pieces are NOT intended for children under 3 years of age, and please do not leave your child unattended with our, or any other jewelry.